Friday, June 8, 2012


Brigham City Temple -
LDS Church Temples.  This is an incredibly beautiful and amazing site about LDS/Mormon Temples across the world.

It is a 'labor of love' produced by Rick Satterfield - of Pocatello, Idaho. 

I would personally like to thank him for all the work that he has done.  I've visited his site several times and, today, in particular it was extra meaningful to me as I needed to call several temples across the globe - for a dear friend who is very ill.  I wanted to phone the Temples that were of particular personal meaning to her.  The result, for me, was a sacred experience.  And....I thank Rick for sharing incredible photos of these Holy places of worship for us.  They are glorious edifices in which we learn the ways of the Lord.  I love the Temple.  It is a place of safety and peace for me.  I long to spend my days there.  I feel at home there - and close to God.  It is a miracle that we have these Holy Places in which to worship and learn and receive great blessings.  LDS Church Temples