Monday, May 21, 2012

Heavenly Messengers

I believe in angels and have felt them near.  Some of you have as well.

As in ancient times, Prophets and other messengers of God were ridiculed for their teachings and beliefs. That is because those beliefs were often in stark contrast to the 'teachings' of this world and the 'god' of this world. Well...he who claims to be the God of this world?  Yes, it is the adversary himself.  And, he certainly does think that he has power.  Inasmuch as people heed his whisperings, then, he does have power over them.  This just brings sadness, corruption, heartache, misery and pain.  We don't often recognize that because he is also called 'the great deceiver.'

One of the things that most sets us apart from other churches today is our belief in continual revelation and the need for the Lord to actually guide us in this day and age - just as he did the former saints in their time periods.

We don't seem to question that the Bible and different books in it - were written for those people in their several locations, circumstances, and even languages.  Yet, we think to question that God would speak to us now and personally.  But, I don't.

I know that He communicates with us - because He has done so for me time and time again.  I know Him and I love Him.  I strive to do all He asks of me and follow the 'promptings' of the Spirit, so that I, too, can be with Him again (just like Abraham and Moses and Noah etc.)

In our recent 'General Conference' of the church - Elder David E. Bednar (one of the members of the quorum of the 12 apostles) taught this: 

"The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints stands apart from other churches that claim their authority is derived from historical succession, the scriptures, or theological training. We make the distinctive declaration that priesthood authority has been conferred by the laying on of hands directly from heavenly messengers to the Prophet Joseph Smith.

"The priesthood is the authority of God delegated to men on the earth to act in all things for the salvation of mankind (see Spencer W. Kimball, “The Example of Abraham,” Ensign, June 1975, 3). Priesthood is the means whereby the Lord acts through men to save souls. One of the defining features of the Church of Jesus Christ, both anciently and today, is His authority. There can be no true Church without divine authority."

I love this fact as it has been my guiding light throughout my life.  I would gladly share this with anyone who sincerely had questions and was genuine in their seeking for answers.