Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happiness is a Choice???

I've often heard said that "Happiness is a Choice".  If that were fully true then ...wouldn't we all be happy?  Don't we desire that?  Do we 'choose' depression or fear or trials?  Perhaps so, but...that's not what this post is about.

In my journey I have learned that happiness may be a 'choice''s not that easy.  We're here to learn from our own experiences.  If we didn't know pain - we couldn't know joy etc.

More than just being a choice - I think it's a combination of factors that we're trying to resolve.  Emotional and physical healing are part of that.  So is understanding true principles.

Have you ever been the recipient of someone telling you to 'get over it' or....'just let it go'?  Did that counsel heal it all?  Or....are there more things to learn from it?

A book that has helped me a lot the past few years is entitled "The Emotion Code" by Bradley Nelson, LDS man.  He was lead by the Spirit to learn these principles and is now sharing them with the world.  The premise is that if we don't work-through/release the negative emotions that we feel - then, they remain in us; trapped.  That affects our physical and emotional health.

You can decide for yourself if that feels true to you.  I've sought confirmation of these principles and, now, they have blessed my life immensely.

Last year a friend shared her insight that when the Savior returns He can't rule over a 'sickly' people.  Therefore - He is providing tools for our time to help us get there.  Yes, I believe there will be healings and miracles when He returns.  Until that time - perhaps we'll feel to learn and do some of these precursory things that will teach us about how our bodies work and how He can heal us - even before He comes.  

Instead of wondering why we're not 'happy' all the time - perhaps we'd do well to see how we can best nurture peace - which is true happiness anyway.  Fleeting pleasures are not true happiness.  Finally reaching a God-like life is. See also:  JOY