Thursday, May 17, 2012

Accountable to God

God loves us all and He wants us to return to Him.  He has provided everything necessary to help us be able to do so.  He is loving, kind, generous and perfect in every way.  We have the blessing of knowing where we came from, why we are here, and where we may be able to go after this life.  That all depends on our willingness to live the eternal laws that have been set and knowing, also, our dependence on Grace that this has all been made available to us.
Elder Quentin L. Cook recently shared this powerful message with us.  We would do well to remember these teachings.  

"As the General Authorities of the Church meet with members all over the world, we see firsthand how Latter-day Saints are a force for good.....Those of us with public affairs assignments are acutely aware that many opinion leaders and journalists in the United States and around the world have increased their public discussion of the Church and its members. A unique confluence of factors has raised the Church’s profile significantly.
  "Many who write about the Church have made a sincere effort to understand our people and our doctrine. They have been civil and have tried to be objective, for which we are grateful.

"We also recognize that many individuals are not in tune with sacred things. Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks of England, speaking to Roman Catholic leaders last December at the Pontifical Gregorian University, noted how secular some parts of the world have become. He stated that one culprit is “an aggressive scientific atheism tone deaf to the music of faith.”

"The great introductory vision in the Book of Mormon is Lehi’s prophetic dream of the tree of life. This vision starkly describes the challenges to faith that exist in our day and the great divide between those who love, worship, and feel accountable to God and those who do not. Lehi explains some of the conduct that destroys faith. Some are proud, vain, and foolish. They are interested only in the so-called wisdom of the world. Others have some interest in God but are lost in worldly mists of darkness and sin. Some have tasted of the love of God and His word but feel ashamed because of those mocking them and fall away into “forbidden paths.”

I'm grateful for this reminder about staying 'in tune' with the Spirit.  It will bring us peace in this life and eternal joy in the next.  Nothing else will matter, in the end, if we do not receive the eternal blessings which we have the opportunity to enjoy.   It is our obligation to also share this message with other.  Often they know not where to find it.