Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Woman's Power - NEW Book by Fay Klingler

From Author Fay Klingler comes a New Book - Released TODAY - entitled "A Woman's Power".  Her message is one of hope, courage, faith and helping one another.

Each of us as Women of God, have come equipped with certain gifts, talents and strengths.  With those blessings come, also, ways to help and lift one another.
Life is to test and try us.  We are to learn how to become more Christlike.  Because of that - we need each other.  All of us have days when we need lifting and other times when we can be the lifters.  If we were meant to live life on this planet alone - we would have come that we.  But, we didn't.  We came organized into families, neighborhoods, and church congregations.  From each of these places we can learn lessons that we need to help us become more refined and strengthened.

The book contains chapters on Identity, Prayer, Awareness, Obedience, Goal Setting, Patience etc.

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