Wednesday, March 7, 2012

LDS Church and Birth Control, Contraception

In this time of political risings and having had the "Mormon" church be in the spotlight - I thought it both applicable and important to share some of the teachings of church leaders concerning Birth Control/Contraception.  This is a hot topic in the media at present and I am not going to argue that point.  Rather, I will share what the LDS beliefs are so as to shed some light on the subject.

The current argument in the U.S. is more about insurance covering (or not) the price of birth control pills.  This posting is NOT about that.  I'm sure it will be fully argued (sigh) until some kind of conclusion is made.  There are those much more savvy than I as to the validity of the argument and the Constitutionality of it.  But, I do refer you to a talk given by Ezra Taft Benson "The Proper Role of Government" and it's You Tube version.  I share those beliefs and feel that each of us have a personal obligation to defend those principles.  The current decisions will be affected by how well those in power live to these standards.  I strongly believe that the Lord has spoken and that we would do well to heed that counsel.

Here, I feel to share what the Lord has said, through his servants, about the LDS/Mormon belief of birth control and contraception.  You do not have to agree with me or with them.  I'm simply doing what I feel to do can decide for yourself what you want to do about it.

Sanctity of Life - Glorious Blessings of Home and Family
Not all church members conform to these teachings.  Some are doing so out of ignorance, others - rebellion.  But, many do and are sincerely striving and seeking to do what they feel is the Lord's will for them and their families.  They have found, as have I, that one of the true principles in life is that obedience to God's law brings peace and happiness and joy.  Going against teachings of the Lord - breeds contempt, unrest, antagonism and mixed emotions.  Interesting, isn't it?

I hope that this will not open a can of worms but rather a wholesome dialog or opportunity for many to ponder on things they may not have thought of or known before.
Please read through these messages before you jump all over me for being the 'messenger'.  :)  Ponder for yourself what the principles are.  Are they true?  Is there a reason they are 'unpopular?'.  What is the reason?  Why is there so much opposition?  Who is opposing these teachings?  What is the reason for that?  Which way is 'right' or 'best'? so?

I don't believe that fighting about these things is helpful.  Honest questions are wonderful.  That's how we learn.  But, arguing and contention are from the adversary.  They do not breed peace.  And...peace is from the Lord.

Here are the teachings.  I hope you'll have an open heart as you ponder on these beautiful messages.  They are time-tested and true.

Official Church Statements:
Proclamation on the Family
Multiply and Replenish the Earth
Birth Control

Other Resources - quoting some church leaders
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