Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Do You Want to Help Mormon Mom Bloggers?

Okay, dear readers, here's the scoop.  I've been running this blog for about 7 yrs. now.  I started it because of a strong prompting's slowly grown into something quite marvelous on the internet.  It's been very rewarding for me to meet and mingle with you and to see all the good that you are doing in your homes and lives.

I haven't really 'monetized' the site because I have been extremely busy with other things and haven't really felt to do it.  This was a service for all of you and I have enjoyed the journey.

I've put thousands of hours into this site as well as learning social media and some technical things (which aren't my forte) along the way.  It's been a satisfying journey.

But, I'm a single-mom kids get hungry sometimes.  :)  So....I need to increase my income and figure out ways where I can still serve you all and....provide for my family.

I've got a new site for LDS Power Bloggers; Professionals and Businesses - which I just started.  You are welcome to see what we're doing over there and decide if you want to participate.  LDSPowerBloggers

I've also got a new site for LDS Women that I'm doing -'s by invitation only.

So....I'm very, very busy (like some of you.)

My request here is for any of you who would LOVE to DESIGN US a NEW HEADER and/or several GRAB BUTTONS.  In exchange we'll place your ad or link to our site here for FREE. any of the rest of you want to be added as authors on here?  You have to be trustworthy and very, very nice  :) and....go along with our mission - which is to strengthen and uplift!

If you do.....then let me know in the comment section below.  If more than one of you want to design a header or buttons - that is GREAT too!  We'll have a contest to see which one we like and maybe could even rotate.

My style is simple, clean, and uplifting! 

What else would you like to do?  This site could be more interactive.  Does someone want to do that?

Possiblities are great!  Please share this message with your followers.  That would be wonderfully  appreciated!!!!