Friday, February 17, 2012

Special Offer - Eye Glasses Online - Buy 2 get One FREE

GREAT offer on Eye Glasses! Buy two pair online and get one pair FREE.  
Today I wanted to share this deal with all of you.  There's nothing in it for me except in knowing that perhaps I've helped someone else save some money on eye glasses. 
We've had GOOD success with this online site and have purchased probably 20 pair over the past 4-5 yrs. for less than 20.00 each.  We've only had one pair that wasn't quite what we wanted (the drawback is that you can't try them on) but....those went into the 72 hr. kit.  :)  We've been able to order glasses for all 4 of us for less than the price of ONE pair at a store.  I strongly suggest you get anti-relfection coating for 4.95. Otherwise there is a glare. This is GREAT for Preparedness purposes as well. - zennioptical
Zenni Optical - Complete prescription eyeglasses from $