Thursday, January 12, 2012

What Would You LIKE For This Site?

Dear Favorite People  :)
The mission of this site is to provide a safe place to connect, intermingle and share with one another.  We feel so blessed to have all of you on here.  You touch our lives daily and make us laugh, cry, and feel compassion.

Thank you for keeping your sites wholesome and uplifting.  We know that all have challenges, heartaches, griefs and sorrows.  You can certainly share those things if you feel to do so.  But, we also want to make sure that things are appropriate and not irreverant.  You have done that.  Thank you!

So...we're asking you....What would you like to see on this site?  What would be most helpful to you?  Do you want to connect with others?  Do you want more comments on your own sites?  Are you willing to comment on others' sites? How would you like things to be different/better?

Since we do this as volunteers -- we publish and fix when we can.  Thanks for your patience in that area. 

We want to make this site the best place for you.  Thank you for all that you have done to bless lives around the world.  Since we're an 'aggregate' list -- we get more hits than some of you do.  Because of this - you have a better chance of being seen.  We do this service for you because we have felt to do so and because we are grateful to be able to share the goodness in all of you.

PLEASE make sure you GRAB our BUTTON for your site.  That is the win-win in this.  We can keep up our mission and can be seen.

Thanks so much,
Heidi - MMWB
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