Friday, January 20, 2012

Gifts of the Spirit

Yesterday, I spent a long time pondering on 'gifts of the Spirit' and why they are so essential for our safety and protection.  We are to 'seek them diligently' and do all we can to be worthy of them so that we will not 'be deceived' in the last days.

What does that actually mean?  How do the gifts of the Spirit protect us from harm and danger.  For what reasons were they really given?

As I pondered and meditated on these questions - I was taught a few things that I can share on here.
1.  Gifts of the Spirit are for our protection and safety; both spiritual and temporal.
2.  They are to be given 'severally' and for our sake.
3.  We are to seek them diligently.
4.  They are given to the humble seekers of truth and righteousness - not for a 'sign'.
5.  We are to receive them line-upon-line - and to bless others' around us.
6.  All are given at least one gift.  Gifts are to be used to bless the 'whole' and to strengthen and uplift.
7.  The more we become like "Him" - the more gifts we are given.
8.  Charity is the greatest gift of all 'bestowed' upon all who are 'True Followers' of His son, Jesus Christ.