Friday, December 23, 2011

BEST Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Sorry this is a little bit late.'s been a busy season.  I posted this on our Latter-dayLearning blog and thought that I ought to share it here as well.   These are the BEST Christmas gift ideas for kids from actual moms who know.  This is a compiled list of favorite, long-lasting and enduring activities that their children have truly enjoyed.  Hope it helps if you're looking for last-minute items.

Bouncers with handles
Large Safety Pins and material scraps for doll outfits etc.
Dress-Ups from D.I. --  or Savers
Mini Balls (put in kiddie pool)
Indoor Slide
Science Experiments (including making crystals)
Craft Supplies  (Glue, glitter, good paper, markers and coffee filters, pipe cleaners, etc.)
Shrinky-Dinks (before Christmas- to make Christmas ornaments)
Good Books
Melissa and Doug coloring books
Dot to Dot books (the crazy cool kinds that go up to 300+)
Razor Scooters
Wooden Blocks
Lincoln Logs
Tinker Toys
Erector Sets
Calico Critters (not their furniture - which breaks)  w/Playmobil Furniture
Littlest Pet Shop
Thomas the Tank Engine Train Set  (fun w/Brio Network as it is all supposed to be the inside of a computer. Cute!)
National Geographic KIDS Magazine
Cricket Magazine (10-12 different kinds- all ages)
Duplos (legos' medium size)
Hot Wheels
Kitchen Play Set
Storyboards made out of Flannel or Felt