Thursday, November 17, 2011

There is Eternal Significance in Everyday Life

This morning as I was praying and pondering I was led to a passage in the Bible Dictionary under the topic of "Ezra".  ( I LOVE the Bible Dictionary.) It was such an inspiration to me that I wanted to share.  The teachings are applicable to us all and...I hope that you will be blessed and strengthened too.

"Religious values in the book of Ezra are found in the teaching that (1) the promises of the Lord through his prophets shall all be fulfilled....(2) discipline are patience are borne of disappointment, as one expectation after another was frustrated.....(3) there is eternal significance in everyday life.....(4) preparation is needed for the rule of bring men to Christ."

Isn't that powerful and beautiful?  I particularly appreciated #2 as I've seen the fulfillment of that prophecy in my own life and am pretty sure that many of you have as well.

Blessings for a good day today.....