Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Sacred Responsibility of Mothers

From an article on Forever Families we get the following reminder/confirmation of what many of us already know; the important role of mothers.  In a day when Motherhood is devalued by many we know that it hasn't changed in the Lord's eyes or in His plan.  In fact, it may be even more important than ever; why else would the adversary be doing all he can to thwart it?

"Motherhood often is seen as a submissive role with few rewards. In a world that values material possessions so highly, the intangible and unpaid work of mothers can seem unimportant. A paycheck may become attractive because it may help Mom feel more valued and allows kids to have a higher standard of living. Women who buy into these ideas might start to think they're not needed at home. Maybe their children can take care of themselves or someone else can care for them just as well as they can. A mother might decide her children need the material advantages of life more than they need her presence. But children need their mothers. No material possession can replace a mother who is present and available to her children. They thrive when Mom is home when they are, when she's loving and accepting, and when she listens to them and tries to understand. While children might complain if they don't have name-brand clothes or the latest technical gadget, as they mature they come to understand and deeply appreciate the gift of a mother who was present for them." The Sacred Responsibility of Mothers

Bless all you (mothers, fathers, future's) who are doing the best that you can.  It's not easy but...we can ask for much help from above as we 'assist' in the rearing of the next generation.  Thank you for all you do!  You're a blessing to me and to many others' around you!