Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My New Favorite Person - She's FUNNY and Wonderful!!!

Dear Followers -
I just had to spotlight my new-found-friend DeNae today!  She'll make you laugh because she is just really, really funny.  And...the wonderful thing is that she is very, very kind and tender-hearted too!

We met recently at a gathering of 'blogger moms' who were asked to help with an outreach program for single-moms in need.  You may have read a few of my postings about it.  Well, read what DeNae wrote too.  She's got a fresh perspective and....a way to help us all realize that we all affect each other; for good or for ill.  If we lend a hand to those in need it blesses all of us!  And, I think, that is what building Zion is all about!