Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Better Blogging - Courtesy and Safety Tips

Tips for Safety and Courtesy: 
1.  Avoid Specifics - never post personal information, addresses, birth dates, other details that would make it easy to locate your family.
2.  Moderate comments - reviewing comments before they are posted is one way to ensure appropriate remarks from others.
3.  Selectively post pictures - Be aware of information you may be giving inadvertently .
4.  Think before you post - Search engines can pull up almost any website from any period of time (even if you've deleted it).  Assume that what you post is permanent.  (photos and postings)
5.  Be positive - Ward members and old friends from high school may read your blog.  Blogs should not be a forum to complain or criticize people behind their backs.
6.  Respect others' work - Instead of copying and pasting something from someone else's blog - ask them.  Or....better yet, send others' the link to theirs.
Ensign, October 2009