Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You Guys are AMAZING!!!!

Hello to all on here:
You guys (women, men, children, grandparents, singles etc.) are AMAZING!!!!  :)

As I read through your blogs and ponder on what you do and how you do it - I am truly blessed beyond measure to know how much you are striving to do good and to serve God.  You do bless us and you do make a difference.

Recently a commenter on here said that her Stake President told them to 'keep blogging---you are making a difference".  I LOVED that and felt so honored to be a part of that same movement.

A few years back I attended a seminar from the More Good Foundation.   Their mission (one guy) began when they realized the amount of anti-Mormon information on the internet.  A few got together with the realization that they needed to counteract the wrong and fill the internet with the truths and the good about the LDS/Mormon church, our beliefs, our lives, our families.

You are all part of that same mission; to spread light and truth to all parts of the globe.

I've worked hard to provide this place for all of you and I am gratified at the results.  This is a gift of love and service from me - as I do what I can to make this a nice place for you to come.

Thank you for spreading the word with others.  I make no money on this and so the advertising is through you.  PLEASE grab our button to the right - and paste it on your site - if you haven't already.  That's all we ask and, in return, we share/advertise for you too.  It's a win-win if we all do our part!

Blessings to you and your families and thank you for making this a rewarding place for all to visit!

Heidi Garvin
Provo, Utah

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