Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Problem of Entitlements

In an excellent article from Meridian Magazine yesterday, Richard and Linda Eyre spoke on the Problem of Entitlements in the rising generation.  I encourage you all to read it.

They posed questions such as:  Are you letting your kids fall into a trap that can make their lives (and yours) miserable? Instead of giving our kids a sense of responsibility, are you giving them the exact opposite—a sense of entitlement?
Are you setting your kids up for disaster by not teaching them how to handle money?  Is your home a little microcosm of a bad economy and a sick society….built on wants rather than needs, and on bail outs, debt, and instant gratification?Are yesterday’s parenting methods completely unsuited for today’s world?  And are some of the “old reliables” like allowances and withholding of privileges just not helpful anymore and perhaps even becoming counterproductive in raising responsible kids?

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