Friday, May 27, 2011

Thank You - Anorexia Support

Thank you for the love and support some of you have offered to our anonymous friend who is dealing with anorexia with her daughter.  Your kindness and empathy is deeply appreciated.

I'm posting more information on the subject since there is a need and interest in the topic.  Here are two messages (below) that offer comfort, strength and...real understanding!  I hope you will check them out if you feel so to do!

We're all in this together.  Our love and support of one another through trials is what we've been sent here to do.
Heidi G.

First Message:  "A dear friend of mine went through this as a teenager and wrote a book about it.  Here is her website: It is one of the best books I have ever read, and THE best dealing with eating disorders.  She is LDS and ties in a lot of the gospel principles in her journey to recovery.  I have recommended this book to everyone, especially those heading down that path."

Second Message: (from author Haley Freeman)
My friend sent me the post ...about a women who could use some added support about a daughter who has anorexia... I almost died from anorexia and I wrote a book that I feel can help...a great deal. It is called A Future for Tomorrow: Surviving Anorexia, My Spiritual Journey.  Also, I have a couple trailers about my story that you can post as well if you want.  Here is the link to one:

(And to the woman):  "I want to let you know there is hope for (your) daughter to heal and leave this eating disorder behind forever! I have! It has been 14 years and I have had no set backs.  I was as bad as you can get because I actually had a near death experience were I could have chosen pass on but I knew I had a great purpose in sharing my story so I choose to continue my mission on Earth.  I hope you share in my miracle through my book.

"Please know I am here to offer any kind of support and/or to answer questions or do anything I can to help you and your daughter.  Feel free to add me on facebook if that is a good means to be in touch (Haley Hatch Freeman)

"If you want my book go on my site I can watch for your order and personalize a copy for you.  It is also on kindle from amazon and was at Deseret Book but they have been out of stock lately.

"I hope to hear from you and I hope I can offer you some insight, hope, and comfort regarding this issue. With love, Haley Freeman
Author of "A Future for Tomorrow -Surviving Anorexia * My Spiritual Journey"

I want to thank these women for the courage they are displaying in coming forth to either ask for or offer help!  Bless you all.  And, may we each be more willing and able to love and care for each other.  Our challenges and trials are different and unique.  But, the common factor is that we all need to be cared for and understood!
Much love,
Heidi G., moderator of this blog